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Date: December 17, 2021

This Christmas we are counting our blessings. God continues to bless Spring Valley Academy, and one of the primary blessings is friends like YOU!

Our enrollment continues to grow, and our building is bursting at the seams! We enrolled 485 students this fall, with over 500 projected next school year. We are using every square foot of our facility and looking forward to the completion of our new High School Expansion Project so we can continue to grow comfortably.

But more students mean more kids are now learning about Jesus. That’s the most important part.

Grade 3/4 teacher and SVA alumnus Emily Cowell (1995) recently asked her students why they are grateful they attend SVA. Here are some of their responses:

“Spring Valley is a great place because it gives kids a
chance to learn about God.” -Alice

“At SVA you can always find friends no matter what.”

“I like SVA because we can learn about God, and the
teachers are nice and you can make friends easily.”

“I like SVA because we learn about Christ and the Bible
and because we have really good food.” -Beckham

This Christmas we are thankful for our students, teachers, and extended SVA family – including you! As we grow, your support and prayer are more important than ever. During this season of giving, please consider a
gift to our Worthy Student Fund to help more students like these attend SVA.

As Norah recently told Ms. Cowell, “Some people don’t get to learn about Jesus unless they come here.” That opportunity is more easily accomplished with your help. As Calla reminded us, “by donating just a little, you’re really doing a lot!”

We wish you the happiest of holidays and thank you for your prayers and support as we
continue to grow and teach students to Know, Follow and Share Jesus.

2022 SVA Christmas Card

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