Our people make Spring Valley Academy special. We are blessed with talented, caring, compassionate individuals in our administration, faculty, and staff. From the best classroom instruction possible to focusing on the importance of Christ’s influence in academic and beyond, the SVA staff is intent on delivering the best education possible to our students.


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Judy Cambigue holds a Masters’ of arts in Elementary Education from La Sierra University and has spent over 30 years as an elementary educator. She won the Zapara Award for Excellence in Teaching while working in the Carolina Conference. In addition to teaching at schools in Tennessee and Georgia, she homeschooled her own two children, Annika and Toby until they moved to Ohio as they were entering 5th and 2nd grade. She spent the next 7 years teaching grades 3 and 4 here at Spring Valley Academy until the fall of 2019 when she started er work as SVA’s Elementary Vice Principal. Mrs. Cambigue loves her role as an administrator,  where she is an ardent believer in supporting teachers, students and parents. In her free time, Mrs. Cambigue loves to read, travel and hike with her family, especially on road trips and camping at beautiful National Parks.


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Colleen G. Hardy has served as the Business Manager for Spring Valley Academy since 2014.  She has over 22 years of experience working in Accounting and Finance in an academic institution at the University level.  Colleen began her service at her Alma mater Caribbean Union College (Trinidad), currently known as the University of Southern Caribbean.  She worked in the Business Office as a student worker for three years and after graduating was hired as a Junior Accountant.  Between 1990 and 2012 she worked as Accountant, Chief Accountant at the College Press, Senior Accountant, Financial Controller and Vice President for Financial Administration.  Prior to joining the team at Spring Valley Academy she lived and worked for two years in Houston, Texas as a Tax Professional.

She was born in Georgetown, Guyana and is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago where she lived most of her life.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Caribbean Union College (Trinidad) and an MBA in Finance from Andrews University (Michigan).

Colleen has 26 years of experience in finance-related denomination service in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  She is a product of Christian Education and is a strong advocate for Christian Education.