Spring Valley Academy seeks to have students enrolled in courses that align with their interests and graduation requirements. Dropping classes must be approved by parent, students, and the registrar. This policy is in place to allow students to add/drop and withdraw from courses.


Students may add classes during the first two weeks of each semester. A student who wishes to drop a course must do so before the first exam session day.

Requests for withdrawal that are approved after the first 10 days will carry either a WP (Withdrew Passing) or WF (Withdrew Failing) grade.  The WP or WF will not average into the student’s GPA.  Students enrolled in performance based groups will  have only two weeks to withdraw.

To add/drop/withdraw students must complete the following process (all requests must be submitted to the registrar):

  • Obtain a withdraw form from the registrar.
  • Obtain written permission from parent(s) with necessary signature(s)
  • Return the form to the registrar before the deadline to withdraw.

***Note: The students are not officially added, dropped, or withdrawn from a course until their status is altered on the course roster.