Students will proceed directly to their classrooms after arriving at SVA in the morning (no earlier than 7:30 am, no later than 7:55 am to be on time to class!).

In the afternoon, classes will have staggered dismissal times to make sure the hallways aren’t crowded and social distancing can be maintained. Students will remain in their classrooms until parents arrive, when their teachers will be alerted and the student will be sent to the lobby to be released by a staff member.


2:45  –  Grades K-2

2:55  –  Grades 3-4

3:00 – Grades 5-6

3:05  –  Grades 7-12


2:15  –  Grades K-2

2:25  –  Grades 3-4

2:30 – Grades 5-6

2:35  –  Grades 7-12

If you have children in multiple grades, please arrive at the oldest child’s pickup time. The student loading zone is from the end of the sidewalk by the High School doors, back to the main entrance doors. For the safety of your child and others, never let a child enter or exit the car on the driver’s side!

Please plan to pick up your kids promptly after school. There may be intramural and/or sport options after school each week. Students participating in any interscholastic sport activities will need to be picked up promptly at 5:00 pm.

Students grades K-6 not picked up by 3:30 will be sent to Aftercare (charges apply). Students grades 7-12 who have not been picked up by 3:45 will be placed in a supervised classroom until parents arrive. If they are not picked up by 5:00 pm they will be sent to Aftercare (charges apply).