While SVA does not have a home school program, we do offer educational opportunities for Grades 1-12 homeschoolers. Homeschool students may enroll in a class on an individual basis if there is space available in that class. The homeschooled student will be under the same attendance and dress code policy as full-timed students. The grade will be issued by SVA. Although SVA would not be issuing diplomas to homeschooled students, it will issue transcripts of any credits earned on campus.

Any student wishing to apply for this option must provide the following:

  • Proof that they are enrolled in an approved home school program
  • A copy of their most recent standardized achievement testing results
  • Birth certificate or approved copy as required by the State of Ohio
  • Current physical examination
  • Immunization record
  • Tuition for any course taken would be on current per-class rate


Any student enrolling as a part-time student would be a member of the Student Association and therefore welcome to events sponsored by that organization. They would also be eligible to try out for SVA sports teams and participate in other extracurricular activities. Each would receive a yearbook. The following guidelines apply to part-time students:

  1. Must be currently enrolled in at least one class at SVA to be eligible to participate in general school activities.
  2. Must pay class dues as set by the class, thus paying for activities in which they are eligible to participate. These include:
    1. Eighth Grade – class parties, banquet, fundraisers, vespers and class trip
    2. Freshmen & Sophomores – class parties, fundraisers and vespers
    3. Juniors – class parties, fundraisers, vespers and Junior/Senior banquet
    4. Seniors – class parties, fundraisers, vespers, college days, Senior dedication and class trip

Please note that eligibility does not include any graduation activities during any year of attendance.