Free public school bus transportation is provided to students living in the Centerville school district.  We will provide the Centerville school district with a list of students to verify that the student is enrolled in our school and you can then register on Centerville City Schools Home Access Center (HAC) to get your student(s) bus riding information.  Public districts will only transport students who reside in their district, so for example, students living outside the Centerville district may not ride on the Centerville bus with a friend.

Several other districts offer transportation reimbursement to parent(s)/guardian(s), returning a portion of the tax dollars they receive to transport students in lieu of providing transportation. School enrollment and attendance verification information is submitted to each of these districts offering reimbursement. If you live outside of a district that provides transportation, contact your school district for possible reimbursement of transportation costs. More information regarding transportation is available from the registrar, Kathy Burns.

School busses will pick-up and drop-off behind the school. Parents are asked to pick-up and drop-off in front of the school.

School Bus Safety Regulations

In order to ensure the safety of all students who use the school bus, either for daily transportation or on school trips, the following safety regulations must be observed:

  • Students are not permitted to get on or off the bus except at regular stops
  • There must be no crowding and a single-file line must be maintained while loading or unloading the bus
  • Nothing is to be thrown from the bus at any time
  • Students are to remain in their seats while the bus is in motion
  • Improper language, gestures, and/or profanity are not permitted
  • Students are to obey all requests of the bus driver cheerfully and promptly

Student Drivers

We are reinstating the registration of all junior and senior student drivers.  We ask that your child fill out the Vehicle Registration form which they can pick up in the front office or you may download it from the website.  There is a nominal fee of $10 for a parking permit, which must be hung from the rear-view mirror.  Once the student returns the parking permit to the front office they will be reimbursed $5.

All student vehicles are to be parked in the assigned student parking areas with the exception of seniors who may park on a first-come, first-served basis in the circle area just past the high school end doors.

The school assumes no responsibility for any damages to vehicles while on campus.  Should damage occur, it is recommended that a report be filed with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, who will take appropriate action.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter as it will ensure better school safety for all!