Class Officers

Each student is a member of the freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior class. Each class sponsors activities throughout the year for their class, which include vespers, fundraising, parties, and outreach.

Elections for sophomore, junior, and senior class president, vice-president, and pastor take place in the spring, shortly before the end of the school year. Other class officers and all freshmen officers are elected during the first quarter of the fall semester.

Requirements for class officers include:

  • must have a 2.5 grade-point average (GPA) based on the previous semester grades. Sophomore and freshmen president and vice-president must have a 2.0 from the previous semester
  • students are not eligible to be elected for junior or senior offices if they have any classes they need to repeat
  • must be supportive of the school rules and policies and must not have had a major discipline action in the preceding semester
  • may not hold multiple offices

Any student that falls below the GPA requirement at any quarter will be put on probation and removed from any office if the GPA is not raised by the end of the next quarter. If the officer receives an “F” they will be on probation for one quarter. The grade must improve by the next quarter, or they will be removed from office. A second “F” is not allowed.