The Arts program is an integral part of the Spring Valley Academy experience. Music and arts help develop a well-rounded student. Students have many opportunities for ministry and artistic expression through the fine arts offered at Spring Valley Academy. Students in our art program enjoy presenting their work to friends, family, and the community throughout the year and especially at our annual Art Fair held each spring. The Fine Arts Program includes the following teachers:

Mrs. Cristy Doria, SVA Music Director and Choral Instructor, Gr 3-12
Mr. Donald Huff, SVA Band Instructor, Gr 5-12
Mr. Harley Vargas, SVA Music/Piano Teacher
Mrs. Beth Jeffers, Art Teacher for Grades 1-12.

Students gain self-esteem and confidence as they learn to perform (instrumentally, vocally, and theatrically) in front of their peers and family. SVA students are provided a full spectrum of activities including band, choir, art, drama, on-site private lessons, and a number of musicals and plays. SVA music groups regularly perform locally, and they have toured nationally and internationally. Performing musical groups include four vocal choirs, five bands, instrumental quartets and quintets, along with private lessons for piano and strings. These private lessons may be secured by contacting:

Mrs. Cristy Doria, SVA Music Director and Choral Instructor – (937) 433-0790
Mr. Donald Huff, SVA Band Instructor – (937) 433-0790
Mr. Harley Vargas, SVA Music/Piano Teacher – (937) 433-0790
Mrs. Maretta Alden, Strings Instructor – (937) 584-4135
Mrs. Laura Grodrian, Piano Teacher – (937) 885-3190
Mrs. Mary Poppelmeyer, Strings Instructor – (937) 435-6542
Mr. Elliot Smith, Guitar Instructor – (937) 369-1062

At SVA we strive to build a lifelong appreciation of the arts that will enrich the quality of our students’ lives far beyond the classroom inspiring them to Know, Follow, and Share Jesus.