The bands at Spring Valley Academy are under the direction of Mr. Donald Huff and include the following:

5th Grade

Students in the 5th Grade select their instrument of choice and meet with Mr. Huff three days each week. Their progress throughout the school year is remarkable!

Middle School

This band is comprised of students in Grades 6-8 and meets three times a week. They will also perform at the local area churches throughout the school year.


Concert band is a performance-orientated class that plays in the metropolitan area, with frequent shows in area churches and one major tour each school year. High school band meets three days a week for all students in Grades 9-12.

Valley Brass

Valley Brass is a brass quintet “by invitation only” that performs in the metropolitan area, with frequent performances at area churches.

Stage Band

This band performs for some of our athletic events during home games. Their enthusiasm and upbeat tempo generates positive team and fan spirit.