Bible Education

The Bible contains wisdom and teachings fit for people of any age. Spring Valley Academy provides classroom lessons that examine the one true book that helps us all know, follow, and share Jesus.


  • Bible characters
  • God as Creator
  • God’s gifts
  • Jesus: birth, life, death, resurrection, second coming
  • Reverence for God and His Word
  • Worship: meaning, prayer, thanksgiving
  • Character Development: Christlikeness, making choices


  • Belonging to His Family
  • Heavenly Family
  • Earthly family: Adam and Eve
  • Families of the Promise: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
  • Families of the Exodus: Joseph, Moses
  • Families at the times of the Judges and Kings
  • Family of Jesus: Parents, Disciples, Friends
  • Early Church Family: disciples after Christ’s resurrection
  • Church Missionaries: Andrews through today’s mission outreach
  • Reverence for God and His Word


  • Exploring His Power
  • -through Creation
  • -through the Exodus
  • -through His presence
  • In the Promised Land: Jericho, Ark
  • Through People of Power: Saul, David, Solomon
  • Through His protection: Jonah, Daniel
  • Through Miracles: Birth of Christ
  • Through Christ: Healings, nature, over death
  • Through Man: Pentecost, Saul’s conversion
  • Reverence for God and His Word


  • Accepting His Plan: for the universe, for peace
  • Lucifer’s disruption
  • Plan of Redemption: Promise of the Redeemer
  • Testing of Plan: Job, Tower of Babel
  • Fulfillment of His Promise: through John the Baptist, life and death and resurrection of Christ
  • Plan for His church
  • Revealing of His plan
  • Plan for each individual
  • Fulfillment of His plan: second coming
  • Reverence for God and His Word


  • Following God’s way
  • Scripture reveals God as Creator, Sustainer, Friend
  • Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy
  • Living by His counsel: Proverbs
  • Learning lessons through parables
  • The Golden Rule
  • God’s words of wisdom: Ten Commandments, Beatitudes
  • Choices we make
  • Worshiping God: prayer, tithe, offerings, and Lord’s Supper
  • Responding to and following God
  • Reverence for God and His Word


  • Salvation
  • Repentance and forgiveness
  • Brotherhood
  • Freedom of choice
  • Trinity
  • Judgment
  • Second coming
  • God highly values me
  • God is trustworthy
  • Growth of faith
  • Christian service opportunities
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • God’s message to man


  • Life of Christ
  • Parables and teachings of Jesus
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • Death and Resurrection
  • Disciples then and now
  • Christian witness and service


  • Beginnings of the great controversy
  • Creation and the fall of man
  • Flood and destruction of the world
  • Sanctuary service
  • Apostasy, repentance, reformation of the Hebrew people
  • Life of Jesus from birth to resurrection
  • Early Christian church to Reformation
  • Three Angels’ messages
  • Millennium, New Jerusalem
  • Second coming of Christ
  • Controversy ended


  • Sources of inspired writings
  • The Trinity
  • Role of Prophets
  • Sin and guilt
  • Justification and sanctification
  • Practical problems young Christians face
  • History and observance of the Sabbath
  • Faith, prayer, and forgiveness
  • Baptism, communion
  • Mission outreach of the church
  • Second coming


  • History of Religion – A study of Biblical history from Genesis through the Gospels.
  • Bible II – Course is designed to survey the history of God’s people.
  • Bible III – First semester focuses on friendships and maintaining meaningful relationships with others and Christ. Second semester is a study of key Biblical doctrines and the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Senior Bible – A Biblical-based course that provides guidance to seniors in four major areas: Life philosophy & moral issues, College & Career selection, World Views & Religion and Marriage & Family.